“I’m in love with a girl I’ve never met”

Okay, where do I begin…
Just getting out of a tough relationship with a girl I was madly in love with, she ended our relationship for unstated reasons. So I went to her best friend for help, long story short, she, without knowing it, led me to the girl of my dreams. She is completely perfect. After a while, the friend of my ex and I started drifting apart, and she ended up hating me after finding out my new love interest. I ignored her and continued to pursue this amazing girl, we both lived in Ohio, but on opposite sides of the state. We both have hopes that we will one day meet in person, but she is much more pessimistic about it.

But then my mom got the opportunity to move to Michigan, and when my family moved, me and this girl started to TRY to stay close, but it was never easy. We have also started to constantly have petty arguments about the dumbest things, and she usually puts her and other guys on her snapchat story (in that ‘more than’ a friend way). I confronted her about it, and she told me that I should stop acting jealous, I really don’t want to be jealous, but I like her too much… Which is one of the reasons why I can’t just end it. But we both have very different schedules in life, and it is very unlikely we will ever meet. But God, I love her so much. Someone, anyone?… Help?

One thought on ““I’m in love with a girl I’ve never met”

  1. Anonymous says:

    You are in love with a figment of your imagination. You’ve put this poor girl up so high on a pedestal that she will disappoint you no matter what. She’s human and so are you. You may talk to her everyday, but until you get together in real life you really don’t know the full who she is. I do think you are in love, but at this point it’s bordering on obsession. I’ve watched this happen time and again to gamer friends back in the day. Can long distance relationships work out? Absolutely. If both parties are willing to put in all the work that it takes. If not, well… you are doomed to a slow, painful mental journey to let her go. The fastest way will be to date and speak to other women. You still live with your parents, so I know you are still maturing. You use words like “madly in love,” “completely perfect” and yet disparage your object without real proof of other relationships. I say object, because you put her on the impossible position of being perfect both times instead of seeing that they were a real person.

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