“Shall I date him or his best friend?”

About two months ago, my best friend since childhood confessed that he’s liked me for the last couple of years. Me, being myself, decided immediately that I wanted to preserve the friendship. We were the type of friends that both had really busy schedules but we’d hang out for hours and be at each other’s houses till the middle of the night.

So after a while of thinking things through, I decided I wanted to try a relationship. After informing him, he repeats that he doesn’t want to ruin the friendship and that he’s talking to a different girl. I know that he takes a long time to get over people in general so I’m unsure why he’s going after a different girl. I don’t know what to do. Should I hope for him to eventually stop liking her or should I get over him and date his best friend?

One thought on ““Shall I date him or his best friend?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I cant say for sure or give proper advice, so do not use what i say unless you dont get advice from someone else. He may be scared to like someone again and is giving excuses. But u could give it a try again by giving him signals you still interested – i cannot say how long to do so, depends on you. However if you do choose this do not confuse him by going after him and his best friend. It might confuse him again, and he might choose to leave you and his best friend to go out rather.

    However, whatever you do ,choose one and dont confuse them of whom you are after even if you do choose the best friend.

    Hope this is somewhat accurate and helpful. 👍

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