“Is this a friends-with-benefits situation?”

I have slept with a guy twice, the first time was just a casual thing. I am pretty sure I didn’t hear much from him after that, apart from the odd text here and there, nothing serious, but then he invited me to go away for the weekend with him and his family. I am friends with his sisters and have known them for a long time, so I went.

We shared a cabin and we slept together again. We had conversations that were on a normal level, and some that were on a deeper level. Nothing had been discussed before about what it is, or where it’s going. We get along well and enjoy each other’s company, which he expressed while we were away. Since coming home from the trip I haven’t really had much contact with him. He messaged me the next day saying we should do it again, my response being ‘yeh for sure, I had a good time’ blah blah and then I don’t get a response and haven’t yet.

My question is, do you think there is potential of things going further and becoming serious or is it just a ‘friends with benefits’ type situation? I’m very confused and don’t want to ask him or express any feelings if they aren’t the same on his behalf.

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