“Has my boyfriend been seeing someone else?”

I’ve just received some disturbing news from my estranged brother who lives with my boyfriend of two years; he told me that my boyfriend had been seeing one of his friends on the side for the past 18 months. He seemed so earnest when he told me, so I spoke directly to my boyfriend. (On a side note my brother and boyfriend have been growing apart for the past year now and barely stand each other anymore).

He said it was stupid and that it was complete bullshit, and he too looked so earnest and hurt about the accusations and I do trust him. I honestly don’t know who to believe because I trust both of them and they both looked and sounded so earnest. We’ve been together for two years and I’ve invested so much into this relationship that I don’t want to lose it.

My confession is that I want to ask my boyfriend to look through his phone, just to settle my paranoia. Even though I trust him wholeheartedly, I can’t stop thinking ‘what if’ and it’s eating me inside. But I don’t know how to ask without destroying everything in the process. But if I don’t ask, it’s going to destroy me.

2 thoughts on ““Has my boyfriend been seeing someone else?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I think your boyfriend is lying and your brother is trying to protect you. Ask him to go through his phone and watch his reaction. Follow your gut. Too many women don’t and reap bad consequences.

  2. Leah Adam says:

    I felt my husband of 11 years was cheating on me. I didn’t know any of the details at all, only that he has been talking to her for a while. I am devastated and I feel sick constantly. I can barely eat and I find myself trying to win him over more than he is trying to win me back. I felt helpless and alone to a point that it’s eating me up so much inside I barely wanted to live anymore. So the IT guy at work introduced me to a hacker who helped me hack into his cellphone and i was able to get the details of how many women he was cheating on me with…I decided to come on here to tell people about this particular hacker who changed my life forever and took me out of the shackles of broken marriage. Contact him on (BIRDEYE dot HACK at GMAIL dot COM). He’s legit and keeps to his words, also his charges are affordable too.

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