“He sounds so clingy and insecure”

I am 23 years old and have started talking to this guy who is 20. We met off a dating website (I know, I know, that’s why I’m second-guessing). We’re both virgins (well, I am for sure — he has told me via text that he is also a virgin — he said that before I told him about me being a virgin). He also said he hasn’t done anything with a girl before. I am also a very independent female who has done a little with a guy, but not the full event.

Anyway, from when we started talking, we have talked every day. He constantly tells me everything — when he’s going to shower, when he’s going to the gym, at the gym, leaving the gym, having a shake or a tea, and when he is having a nap.

Yeah, all the flirting and teasing is all fun, although I’m still second-guessing, as now he tells me he  misses me already” when we don’t talk for a day or something. And he said he had his cousin there, but just wanted him gone, as he felt bad for “putting me on hold,” and asked if he could call me “babe.”

I don’t want to rush into anything and kinda want to meet first, but to me he sounds clingy, insecure, etc. — like he always has to ask for reassurance. Could that be because he is a virgin?

I am a strong woman and will tell someone straight up that I am no one’s property, and that I can’t be controlled. I can hang out with who I want, when I want, eat what I want, etc. But
I’m just confused right now and needing some help. So please tell me, should I just end it now and not go any further?

2 thoughts on ““He sounds so clingy and insecure”

  1. Anonymous says:

    It’s not because he is a virgin, but because he likes you more and probably needs something to take his mind off the butterflies in his stomach like a job or sport or hobby.

    If you are not feeling the same just tell him so. Be up front and not wishy washy (aka don’t downplay your feelings or he will be twice as clingy.)

  2. Anonymous says:

    He probably isn’t the right guy for you honestly. If you say your so independent because he seems like he could get jealous easily and is insecure, so best to end it now before you hurt him even more. You may like him but you gotta spare his feelings if your getting signs it’s not gonna work.

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