“Is it cheating if I want to kiss another woman?”

Is it cheating if you’re in a normal heterosexual relationship (I’m a woman) and want to kiss another woman? I have these urges!! I know it’s due to my past. I didn’t have a pretty childhood, and hence, now I have tendencies towards woman.

But is it really cheating if you’ve married the man of your life, and he is absolutely incredible, but kissing another woman and daybed flirting turn you on? Is it just from my shorty serial abuse childhood?

Please help me before I make a mistake!

3 thoughts on ““Is it cheating if I want to kiss another woman?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Maybe you are bisexual. It is cheating if you go through with it, but not for having daydreams/fantasies. You may want to discuss these thoughts with your husband. He may be open to alternative relationships like swinging or polyamory.

  2. Enjoying the Journey with Harper says:

    Noooo!!!! Don’t do it!!! 😊 Whatever happened in your childhood, don’t let it hinder an otherwise great present and future. Resist these thoughts. But I agree with being honest and telling your husband. Just my 2 cents worth… Blessings to you. 😊

  3. Anonymous says:

    whatever feelings you have is nothing to be ashamed of. if you feel your husband is supportive and telling him this would be safe (just in case hes a raging homophobe), i bet he will help you through your questioning period. just be honest and true to yourself!

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