“We are arguing because of her issues”

My girlfriend thinks she doesn’t have my full attention no matter what I do, because when we began talking months ago I liked pictures on Instagram while we were talking, not even dating. She assumes that I have eyes for everyone ever since that incident, no matter how much I reassure her, she won’t take me for my word.

She likes to bring up hypothetical situations and when I give my answer, it isn’t good enough or she twists it to fit her argument. She has a lot of self doubt and she blames me for it, we have come back to this same argument time and time again and this is literally our only problem in the relationship. She has threatened to leave me plenty of times but never has and she says my words don’t do anything, but it seems my actions don’t either.

I am really stuck in this situation and how to fix the problem at hand so we can get past it, but it is a one-sided affair on my part. She is very closed-minded, but I feel like this is the only thing hindering us. Please help.

2 thoughts on ““We are arguing because of her issues”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Write this down and repeat after me: I am not responsible for her insecurity. You will never solve this for her. You have supported her and now she needs more help than you can give. Tell her so and suggest counseling and a break. Then make good on your word. You may love her, but she’s got to love herself before she can be in a committed and loving relationship.

  2. JH says:

    When she argues hypothetical scenarios is it like reassurance seeking but straight away she needs to ask again but from a different perspective? If so I’m thinking it might be relationship OCD. It might be worth researching if so.

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