“My celebrity crush asked if I wanted to hang out”

To start off, I am a female. I direct messaged a celebrity my age for fun on Instagram. I told him that I loved him and what he does (not in a creepy way, he really is an inspiration), and sent him a picture of myself (it was appropriate). He actually responded within a day or two, and we had a small conversation and that was it.

About a month later, he starts a new conversation and asks if I’m in a certain city (it was the city I live in, but I never told him where I lived — he had to of looked at my Instagram profile bio to know that). I responded about 10 minutes later, because I didn’t see my phone, and he replied instantly. He had a layover in my city (about 4 hours) and was at the airport and wanted to meet me! I offered to pick him up in my car when he said he wanted to go into town, and he AGREED.

I actually ended up taking too long (I had to get ready !!!), and he actually ordered an Uber and drove 20 minutes to meet me at a halfway point. He then waited on the side of a curb for me for 10 minutes!! When he got in my car, I had no freaking idea what he wanted to do for those hours, or what his intentions were, so I improvised and drove him to some landmarks. We ended up walking around a bit and getting a drink.

Halfway through it, he was looking at his airline for a seat for me to fly back to his house with him that was an 1.5 hour plane ride away! The plane ended up being full, and I thought that was it. When I dropped him off at the airport, he kissed my cheek twice, let me kiss his, called me gorgeous, and said we’ll be in touch.

I didn’t think he would actually text me or keep in touch, but right when he boarded his plane he did (he gave me his personal phone number). He asked me again if I wanted to get on a plane and fly to his house THAT NIGHT and leave the next day (it was about 4 PM, and I have no idea if he would’ve paid for it or not — that was very unclear). I couldn’t go, because I had an important obligation, but I remember him saying that he had time off and was going to be at his house for a whole week.

So I offered to come in a few days (knowing he would be home), and he said he would keep me posted. He never did. And then he went off around the world again for his career. However, we’re still friends on Snapchat. I figured he would’ve deleted me if I was just a fan or one-night-stand. He watches my Snapchat Story, opens my Snapchats, responds to them, and has sent me some.

So, my questions are:  Why did he take interest in me and notice me out of the 500K fans/followers he has on Instagram? Was I nothing more than a one-night-stand? What were his intentions that day/why did he go out of his way for me? Does it mean anything that he’s still in contact with me? Should I have hope to see him again or just drop it?

3 thoughts on ““My celebrity crush asked if I wanted to hang out”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Go for it. Just because he is a celebrity doesn’t mean he isn’t human and gets lonely. Also let’s imagine this scenario for a sec: you, nonscreaming fan with personality vs. Screaming fan foaming at the mouth who wants to haverify his babies.

    There you go.

  2. Olivia says:

    Agreed, go for it! Try to see not the celebrity aspect and treat it like any other relationship (always a bit unsure at the start :)).

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