“I did terrible in my first semester of college”

I’m almost done with my first semester in college and I did terrible. Unlike high school I actually tried my best and did my homework and studied hard for tests. I’m pretty sure my GPA is going to be between a 1.6-1.8 and that’s so bad. Even worse than my high school GPA.

I cried about it all day today because I’m so disappointed in myself. And I’m terrified to tell my parents. All they wanted from me was at least a 2.0 and I couldn’t even give them that. Also I’m really scared that I won’t even be able to get my GPA up. I know I have the rest of college but I’m not sure. I also really wanna change my major but I’m not sure. I have to retake bio and maybe Chem and that’s embarrassing. I feel so stupid and hopeless…..

3 thoughts on ““I did terrible in my first semester of college”

  1. Olivia says:

    No need to feel stupid! Actually tests and the way education is structured just doesn’t work for everyone, so failing at it does not mean that you are dumb. Maybe you can look into different ways of studying, or different programs where your talents are appreciated.

  2. Yuanyuan says:

    I just finished my first semester, and I almost got kicked out of my program because I did not meet the GPA requirement…. There is so many people that failed their first semester, 2 girls in my residence already moved out to redo their first year, I met another girl while crying at my academic councillor meeting who failed 2 classes out of 5. The point is: don’t ever let 4 months of bad choices loose your own trust in your ability to get back up, and try again. This is a chance for you to evaluate how you have been living, and what your priorities are. When you said you cared, did you really care about the mark you were going to get? Did you spend your friday night finishing that assignment due at 12PM or did you choose to go out partying? But all in all I just want to tell you: don’t worry, you survived high school you can do this again. 🙂 My friend who had a 95 average in highschool currently have a 70 in chem, but her sister who went through the exact same thing is studying at a famous Medical School right now, I promise, OP, TIME multiplies your decisions. It’s time to make some better decisions for yourself to be the best you can be in your future. 🙂 University is about being selective, and making the right decisions. I promise, if you give up a bit of negative aspects of your life right now, time multiples your decisions and you will reap numerous rewards in your future.

    And never forget: Shoot for the stars and you will land on the moon. Always try to get that 4.0 and I promise you will be at least 3.0 in the end 🙂

    Good luck!!
    Lets fight together! 🙂

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