“My boyfriend wants me to talk to other guys”

My boyfriend has 4 jobs including grad school and we never see each other.  I’m perfectly fine with having a mix of a long distance relationship and a seeing each other relationship, but he thinks I grow unhappy and wants me to talk to other guys while we continue having our relationship.

I’m personally not that girl but he insists he doesn’t want me to have sex with them, just talk to form some type of relationship. I’m at a loss…

2 thoughts on ““My boyfriend wants me to talk to other guys”

  1. 3laney says:

    He wants you to have forge an intimate relationship with someone else without the physical intimacy? That is not remotely fair. As much as it may hurt, and I’m sure there is love there, it really sounds like he just doesn’t have the balls to actually break up with you. Relationships are work, but they shouldn’t be complicated puzzles that no one can put together. Don’t settle for the barest of minimums, find a guy who can see you and doesn’t want to pass off his emotional responsibilities on someone else.

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