“Did I make a mistake ending things because of politics?”

I was talking to this great guy for about three months. He left for school in another state right after we started talking, so we relied on texting, Snapchat, and Skyping.

Things were going great, besides the fact that I thought he was way to good for me, until the election results came up, and I brought up politics. That’s when we realized we don’t have the same political views, and I would get really mad when we talked about it.

So I ended things. Did I make a mistake ending things because of politics?

4 thoughts on ““Did I make a mistake ending things because of politics?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Most likely not. It’s going to be easier in the long run to have someone who agrees with you or at least agrees to disagree with you and you can both remain civil than fighting all the time.

  2. Dennis Hong says:

    Normally, I would say, “Pft, it’s just politics. Don’t let that stop you from pursuing a relationship.”

    But man, this election cycle was so divisive … I’m not sure anymore. I think only you can decide if you’re okay with these political differences. I mean, it also depends on the specific political differences, too.

  3. Dave says:

    I’m assuming the anonymous poster asking about ending a relationship over politics is a citizen of the United States.

    Based on that assumption (you can quit reading now if I’m wrong on that)

    I would say it was an extreme reaction to end a relationship because of differing views on politics. That’s like ending a relationship because he doesn’t like your favorite ice cream flavor. (You don’t like MINT CHIP?!?!?!? OK, that’s it…I’m divorcing you!!!)

    It’s OK to have an opinion on politics. And it’s OK to have a “spirited discussion” with your friend or boyfriend on it. But in the end, politics have nothing to do with YOU, personally…unless you are yourself a politician.

    That is because the government stopped representing the people a long time ago.

    So unless you are a Democrat and you (amazingly) just discovered that your boyfriend is your Republican rival running against you for the same office…

    Then it’s silly in the extreme to dump somebody over “politics”. You can have the strongest opinion on a political issue imaginable…but it boils down to…

    YOUR personal political opinion matters about as much as chocolate or strawberry, one scoop or two…

    On a side note though, long-distance relationships never work. NO, there are no exceptions to that rule. Romantic relationships are fueled by skin to skin contact (not necessarily sex). So maybe it’s better that you found a bad excuse to end it now rather than later…

  4. anonymous says:

    The Presidential election this time around was like almost no other in history!!! You were left or you were right and felt so, so strongly about it.

    Yes, it definitely matters.

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