“Should I tell him I like him?”

I need help. I like a guy who rides my bus. He is a sophomore and I am a freshman. Most people won’t date freshman at my school. I kind of want to tell him how I feel because then he has all break to think about his feelings, but introvert challenge. I occasionally catch him looking at me on the bus, he sometimes makes it a point to talk to me. We also have an inside joke. Should I tell him that I like him or play it out for another year?

2 thoughts on ““Should I tell him I like him?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    A week before I married I had a old friend from high school randomly pop up at my work. I had graduated from college a year prior and he was on leave from the military for a few days. I took a break to have lunch and catch up with him. He told me that half the guys in high school had crushes on me. I never knew and they were too shy to ask me out.

    Ask him out, but don’t have hurt feelings if he is only interested in remaining friends. There is plenty of time and partners out there.

    Oh and this is unrelated. Don’t believe anyone who tells you that high school is the best time of your life. I feel very sad for anyone who that is true. It’s so much better once you have graduated.

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