“I found a dirty video on my husband’s computer”

Recently, I was bored and on the computer I share with my husband. I was deleting some old files, and honestly, just snooping a little. I came across this recording of the screen that shows he and a male friend talking about this hot chick that the friend Skypes with all the time.

They get on Skype, and my husband steps out of the camera’s view. They start video chatting with the girl, who begins playing with her boobs and eventually moves the camera down and turns into some soft porn. They end the call after a few minutes of video chatting and my husband and his friend talking about how hot she is and how it is so cool that they will be able to watch this recording over and over again.

This all made me really uncomfortable. Why does he have this video on his computer? He has me, is that not good enough? If he was just recording it to send to his friend to have, why does he still have it on his computer (the date shows it was taken months ago)? I thought about just deleting it, confronting him, moving it on to his desktop and seeing if he said anything … I just don’t know what to do.

2 thoughts on ““I found a dirty video on my husband’s computer”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Ew. You just learned something very ugly about your husband.

    This girl doesn’t know she’s a free cam show for everyone. She trusted his friend and he let her down in a big way.

    What’s worse is YOUR HUSBAND not only approved of, but helped him do this. That’s a. illegal and b. skeevy as hell. This may be a deal breaker.

    First off if you have ever done anything special for him like boudoir photos or anything along that line go delete it now. You already know he can’t be trusted not to pass it around like this poor girl’s. Next it’s definitely time for marriage counseling. If he downplays it or tells you that you are crazy, then go alone.

    Also secure you a way to get out. If he did that, there is no telling what else is coming at you. Always good to have a little back up money ready for a rainy day. This is worse. You just damn saw a tornado.

    You deserve better. She did too.

  2. Jess Stephen says:

    This is a tough one. Women see this as emotional and think that they are not good enough or they don’t perform well enough. At the end of the day, to your husband, this is likely just porn.

    I went through a similar thing with my husband and porn. I thought that maybe he preferred these fantasy women to me. It’s really not the case.

    To a man, porn just helps them with a mechanical urge. There is absolutely no emotional attachment to the situation. They don’t think about her verses you. They likely picture doing those things with you, not with anyone else.

    Please trust me when I say that there is no emotional attachment and it is just a dirty video to help him with his urges. It is no reflection of you or whether you are good enough or not.

    Ever read 50 Shades? Did you not get aroused? It’s mechanical. Woman are just more emotional about it then men. I know that with my husband sex is his love language. Porn is to just to satisfy the urge/need.

    I do hope this helps!

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