“My girfriends’ stories about her ex are upsetting me”

I keep finding out from my girlfriend (been dating for 3 months) about boys that she has kissed or given blowjobs to in the past before we dated and it really messes with my head, especially because of the biggest issue.

About 2 months before we started dating (neither of us even liked each other at the time) she was “friends with benefits” with my best friend, and would constantly describe what kind of actions she would do for him, and the worst of all, he gave me very specific details about the time that he took her virginity (they only had sex 3 times, the first time being her very first time ever).

My girlfriend truly does regret it and wishes it didn’t happen, but my mind cannot get rid of those specific details that I was told, and even a video that my best friend showed me (before her and I dated) of him getting a blow job from her. It hurts every time it crosses my mind and it’s started to hurt our relationship and it’s starting to make me very sad. I would like help to be able to clear my mind and come at ease with the whole situation.

“I found a dirty video on my husband’s computer”

Recently, I was bored and on the computer I share with my husband. I was deleting some old files, and honestly, just snooping a little. I came across this recording of the screen that shows he and a male friend talking about this hot chick that the friend Skypes with all the time.

They get on Skype, and my husband steps out of the camera’s view. They start video chatting with the girl, who begins playing with her boobs and eventually moves the camera down and turns into some soft porn. They end the call after a few minutes of video chatting and my husband and his friend talking about how hot she is and how it is so cool that they will be able to watch this recording over and over again. Continue reading