“Why are my friends acting so weird?”

Why are my crush’s friends acting so weird? And they’re actually my friends too. I’m a freshman girl and I have a crush on my sorority president. Let’s call her Naomi, and it seems like she likes me too. She usually gives me intense stares, checks me out, and accidentally (not accidentally at all) bumped into my arm and kept her arm touching mine until she left — bearing in mind that we were outside in the open and it was just like a dozen girls there.

She also gives me this look where its like, her mouth is open and she lowers her eyelids … anyway I’m friends with two of her friends. Lets call them Annie and Kelsey. And she has another friend who is very quiet, Lily.

Annie and I met because we do charity work together and we became friends and I would hang out with her, and she would ALWAYS bring up Naomi, all the time, telling me what church she goes to, things they’ve done to her and how she reacted etc. Even once when I mentioned eating these amazing muffins, she was like “oh me and Naomi went to this amazing coffee shop the other time but I cant remember what its called, I’ll ask her for you”.

Kelsey and I would also hang out and she would also always bring her up, try and link whatever we were talking about to Naomi. But Kelsey would also seem to have a crush on me anyway. We were having hell week and were supposed to graduate but didnt because of issues with transport.

So we finished hell week but haven’t graduated to being “sisters.” Me and Naomi haven’t really interacted since hell week began, which was two weeks ago. And since that time, Annie doesn’t talk about Naomi to me anymore. She even said that she doesn’t want to talk about the house committee members. Kelsey also doesn’t bring her up with me anymore. I tried to see if she was doing it on purpose by bringing up something that can link to Naomi and she changed the subject immediately.

Also as it seemed that Kelsey had a crush on me, she just started talking about guys and was all “I have a crush on a guy on campus but I wont tell you who it is.” The whole year I’ve been friends with Kelsey she NEVER mentioned a guy ever. Sshe would say things like “its okay to be with a girl.”

Lily, who is very quiet, has gotten friendlier with me. She plays around with me (majority think Lily has a resting cookiemonster face and she only ever talks to her friends), but she jokes around me, even asks me questions and acts like we’re friends basically. So my question is why are her friends acting so weird?

One thought on ““Why are my friends acting so weird?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    You should focus on your education instead of this. You or your parents are paying good money for that education and you’re playing high school mind games.

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