“My boyfriend let a strange woman sleep over”

I have been dating my boyfriend for over 4 years. He’s a great guy and I am very lucky to have him. I feel safe in our relationship and feel that he is faithful.

Lately one of his single guy best friends has made me angry. A few weeks ago my boyfriend had lied about going to a sleazy bar with him. I wouldn’t have been upset if he hadn’t lied about going but found it disrespectful that he lied. This past weekend I was out of town for a girls spa weekend. I came home excited to see my boyfriend and gave him all the details. I later find out that his friend invited a girl that I’ve never met before to sleep over at my house. He claims that his friend is not with this girl but that makes me wonder that if they are not together, why she had to join boys night.

My boyfriends friend has given me bad vibes in the past.. One example is him bragging about having a hook up buddy with a woman who has a dirty website online that she has live shows on and takes her clothes off.

Do you think I’m a naggy girlfriend for being upset that a woman I have never met before slept over at my house? My boyfriend seems to think I’m overreacting and apologized but it seemed like he just said it hoping I brush it off and move on. Please help. Thank you.

One thought on ““My boyfriend let a strange woman sleep over”

  1. Anonymous says:

    He let some stranger sleep in your apt. where anything could have happened. You could have been held liable for the things that happened. She could have robbed you blind. She could have killed your pets. That is not cool.
    He is making you think you are the crazy one for being upset that a STRANGER was in your home. That’s emotional abuse. You have a right to be upset. This is a huge red flag. If you have not already and the apartment is not in your name, start looking for a place to stay just in case. This isn’t something little.
    He’s hiding things from you and you caught him doing it. You “later found out.” Not he texted me and asked if this was o.k. He did it and apologized later.
    His friends are sketchy. You can’t change this. You can TRY to come between them and you will fail. No telling what he’s telling them about you.

    There are four red flags right there. Now ask yourself why you stay and you have your answer.

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