“I’m thinking of cheating on my boyfriend”

I’d like some advice on how not to cheat on my boyfriend. So, to start off, I do love my boyfriend very much, and we haven’t had sex yet, we’ve just done minor things. But, there’s this other guy, I’ll call him X.

X has been in my life for the past year-and-a-half of so, and I go to him for advice all the time. I have even told him some of my personal problems. I’ve always known that he just wants to have sex with me, and that he wants nothing serious. I’ve told him repeatedly that I have a boyfriend, and that I’m not the type to cheat, but, he keeps trying to convince me by saying no one will find out, etc.

And I wish I weren’t, but for a few minutes, I was tempted, and I even gave the idea some thought. I would really like some help from people who have also been in this situation.

How did you move past the feeling in your mind, and what did you do about the other person in your life?

2 thoughts on ““I’m thinking of cheating on my boyfriend”

  1. Anonymous says:

    First you need to address the issue in your relationship. Tell him you want sex and make sure to use protection. If he’s not ready for sex there are always things you can do with him to get to what you need until you are married. You need to discuss this together.

    Speaking of discussion, stop discussing things with Mr. X. He doesn’t respect you or your relationship status. The only thing he wants is sex. Being your confidant is his means to a end.

  2. Solstice says:

    Think about how hurt your boyfriend would be if he found out and focus on that, as a way to stop you from doing anything with X. If you love him very much, as you say, it wouldn’t be worth it to have sex with X, especially when X doesn’t care about you or want a relationship.

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