“My partner is getting lazier and lazier”

I need some help. I feel like my partner is getting lazier and lazier, and our life is getting more and more busy with commitments. I already work two jobs, and trying to keep up with cleaning, cooking every night, and caring for our 50 animals is just getting overwhelmed for me.

I think it’s hurting our relationship and my mental heat, but he never helps without being asked, then still whinges or forgets etc.

One thought on ““My partner is getting lazier and lazier”

  1. Anonymous says:

    You need to stand up for yourself and communicate this to him. If that doesn’t work (again) suggest and follow through with relationship counseling even if you have to go alone. It may help you to understand how you are better off alone, than with a partner that won’t be there for you to at least do chores while the world is on your shoulders.

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