“Is he interested?”

I have been talking to this guy for quite a while now, and I just can’t tell whether he’s interested, or if he just wants to be friends. He initiates a lot of our conversations and seems to flirt quite a bit but then next thing you know he’s talking about some girl he met online and asking for advice? I’m so confused. Is he asking me this to see if I get jealous or to see if I’m interested in him, or does he just see me as a friend and is honestly looking to me for advice?

Help, please, I’m so confused!

One thought on ““Is he interested?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Do you want to start a relationship off playing games, because it looks like he does and that has fail written all over it from the get go. Tell him how you feel and ask him out if you really want to go down this path, but you already know if he starts this relationship he will play games the whole way through.

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