“She ignores my messages for sometimes hours”

I have a relationship with a girl. It’s not an exclusive relationship, as she has a boyfriend and I’m married, but we’ve hung out several times. Over the last couple of days, she’s ignored my messages for sometimes hours while in between writing nice things and saying she loves me. What should I do?

One thought on ““She ignores my messages for sometimes hours”

  1. betrayed but surviving says:

    Sounds like she’s still into her relationship with her boyfriend… Either that or she can’t reply to you because the boyfriend is around.
    Now I’m been betrayed (recently infact) and it is a horrible dark place to be… I’ve also been the betrayer.

    You both need to have a big chat about where this relationship is going… Either start a future together or make it work with your wife. Don’t do both, it destroys lives. I’m trying to pick up the pieces after an affair. It’s horrible.

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