“My boyfriend is super-sneaky with his phone”

My boyfriend practices very sneaky behavior:

  1. He deletes all text conversations, including mine, upon ending them. Remaining text logs include his mom, dad and sister. He says it’s a habit.
  2. He rejects incoming calls but will immediately respond to incoming text messages. Tells me it’s because our time together is valuable.
  3. If he does happen to answer an incoming call from an unsaved phone number he immediately & discreetly lowers the receiver volume. He had no excuse for that one. Said he won’t do it again.

I’ve never found anything incriminating. Two months into our six-month relationship he came to me crying and he admitted to have been lightly dealing with a girl since before we met. He ended it and showed me proof. That warranted some trust but the other behaviors raises red flags. What do I do?

One thought on ““My boyfriend is super-sneaky with his phone”

  1. jay says:

    I would let him know that his actions with his phone are making you feel bad. Let him know that you don’t want to feel insecure but that his actions with his phone are contributing to that feeling. Ask him if he is able to change some (or all) of those phone habits. It does seem a little sneaky but it is better to continue to discuss it than keep it bottled up.

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