“I’m 22 and have never been in a relationship”

So, hello guys. I’m a 22-year-old female, and I have been single ALL my life. I have never been in a relationship, ever. It has come to the point where my mother thinks I’m gay (which I’m not).


It never used to bother me until now that all of my friends are in relationships or married. I’m not ugly, nor do I have an ugly personality or attitude. Why is it that I have never had or been close to being in a relationship?

One thought on ““I’m 22 and have never been in a relationship”

  1. Dennis Hong says:

    Without actually knowing you in person, there’s no way any of us can know what the issue is. Do you have any close friends you can ask about this? Specifically, you’re going to want to find a close friend whom you can trust to be blunt if necessary. If you are seriously wondering why you’ve never been in a relationship, and you’re willing to change if necessary, then you definitely don’t want to ask someone who’s going to sugarcoat things.

    In the meantime, perhaps this blog post will shed some light on your problem:


    I have no idea, though, if this is the issue. It’s just a wild guess.

    So yeah, definitely ask a trusted friend. I’d say that’s your best option. Good luck either way …

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