“Wrong text? Or is she hinting at something?”

Long story short: This girl I like (we’ve hung out 3 or 4 times — she always asks me to hang, but I’m always flirting) just texted me:

“Miss you! (heart Emoji)”
“SHE’S IN NJ” etc…

Basically, I left a party she invited me to early, because of something that came up and immediately got this.

What do you guys think? Was this seriously meant for her mom or …?

2 thoughts on ““Wrong text? Or is she hinting at something?”

  1. Dennis Hong says:

    I think this is what we call “way overthinking it.”

    If you like her, do something about it. If not, then … meh, let it go. What difference does it really make if her text was really meant for you or not?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hard to say, either:
    1. It really was for her mom (it happens)
    2. It was for another guy who she’s seeing
    3. She needed an excuse to text you again and wanted to say she missed you but didn’t feel comfortable enough to do it so she played the “wrong person” card. Maybe she wanted to make you a bit jealous and make you think there are others so you step up and tell her you like her.

    😉 goodluck!

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