“I’m not into him at all, but still enjoyed hooking up with him”

There’s a guy I work with at a bar. He’s a chef, and I’m a bartender. We’ve walked home together twice and made out quite heavily both times. We work together very rarely, so I doubt I will see him for another month or so.

I don’t fancy him at all, but really enjoyed getting felt up. Is that bad? I think he might like me, in which case I feel guilty. And if that’s not true, maybe he wants more than just fooling around. Would guys just want to fool around? I have a feeling they wouldn’t.

2 thoughts on ““I’m not into him at all, but still enjoyed hooking up with him”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Two adults can be upfront with each other about what they want, and if they are on they same page should go for it.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Um… people just hook up, no string attached all the time, sex can be fun. and you have to know that sex doesn’t absolutely does not ever equal love. I’m industry too and dating in the work place or hooking up is not a good idea. something about not shitty where you eat.

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