“I keep randomly running into my ex-boyfriend”

So this guy and I broke up a couple a months ago, due to a lack of communication. I told him we should talk about us in regards to this. But he took it the wrong way, thinking that I was trying to break it off with him, so he broke up with me first.

We aren’t on bad terms. Things are just somewhat awkward. We definitely had strong feelings for each other. After the breakup, I tried to find answers and resolve things, but he sounded like he didn’t care much.

For a few months, I started to never see him around (we go to the same school), but then suddenly, he reappeared again. When he did, he seemed to check me out often and tried to walk past me on purpose sometimes. He had noticeably gained weight and seems more quiet and inactive than he was when we were dating.

It’s now been almost six months, and I never hear about him dating a girl or even talk to one. Most recently, we passed each other, and he actually forced an awkward smile at me. It’s also strange how our wardrobes match completely. We own the exact same clothes, but in female/male versions, and he even recently bought this Las Vegas Nevada sweatshirt I had for the longest time. (I haven’t seen anyone else with it except for me.)

He also tweets about how a bad relationship changes good people, and how he’ll only accept things if they are meant to be (???).

I know this sounds extremely immature and teenage-like, and I’ve been trying to move on completely from this, because I am graduating soon. But I think about him almost every day. Is he trying to get my attention, and is it extreme to think that he’s trying to achieve that through his behaviors and mirroring of my clothing choice? He seems to be extremely stoic around me based on MOST recent activities, but I can’t tell if he’s purposely trying to hide his feelings, because he is super-private and insecure.

I know that many of you will tell me to just go talk to him, but there’s much more to the background story, and I am in a situation that does not make it easy to approach him again like that. Despite this, should I still do so?

One thought on ““I keep randomly running into my ex-boyfriend”

  1. Dennis Hong says:

    I have no idea — and neither will anyone else on the internet — whether these are pure coincidences, or if your ex is trying to communicate something to you. That’s why the only advice I have is to talk to him. Good luck!

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