“I found dirty messages on my partner’s phone”

So I looked on my partner’s phone last night. I know I shouldn’t have, but I just had this weird feeling, like someone was telling me to. Anyway, I found messages to two different women. He’s 24, and one of the women is 51. They were sending dirty pictures to each other, but she knew about me — he told her he had a fiance.

The other woman is a similar age to him. She’s just had her second baby. I was reading through the messages, and they have been talking for about 19 months now. He’s met her, but I don’t know how many times. Again, she knew about me, but carried on talking to him.

The messages I was reading, he was asking how she was, blah blah. She was been really dirty — sending him dirty pictures, begging him to go give her cuddles, telling him he’s not with the right woman. I literally fell asleep crying at this.

I have been with him nearly four years, and we have a two-year-old little boy together. The thing with the dirty bitch is, she’s been looking at my Facebook, and she would ask him questions about me — like, does she smoke, does she have stretch marks. But no remorse that she’s been a slutty homewrecker. She even asks him about our son. 😦

What the hell do I do? I’m in love with him, but I can’t deal with this. I don’t even know how to bring the subject up. Should I message her? I wanna frigging kill her !!! Please help me. 😦

One thought on ““I found dirty messages on my partner’s phone”

  1. missmeliss25 says:

    Yikes. Well, I think at the end of the day, you need to confess that you snooped and talk about it. I know you are looking for something outward to blame right now because you are hurting, but it’s not fair to focus so much anger and hate on the women. Your dude chose this, too. No one is forcing him to communicate with either of these two women.

    There is definitely no easy way to bring it up. You just have to do it. Good luck.

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