“I have an obsessive crush on a guy from school”

I can’t get over a guy who might not like me. I’ve known him for three years, since when I was 15. Throughout high school, we talked since we had the same classes, but no one knew anything about him after school.

He’s a very quiet and polite guy. However, I am three weeks short of graduating, and I’ve realized how much I like him. I can’t get over this crush. It completely overwhelms me, and I’m scared that I might have become obsessive.

We barely talked this year because we have no classes together, but I am confused if he still likes me. At prom, I saw him dancing with another girl. He took selfies with her. But when he saw me, his eyes got really big, and we danced a bit. However, every time I see him, he just stares and walks away.

Does he like the other girl? I have never had a serious crush like this before. It’s why I don’t want the year to end, because I will lose contact with him forever. I can’t just out of the blue ask him out, because we barely talked this year. This is frustrating me so much.

One thought on ““I have an obsessive crush on a guy from school”

  1. Rebeca says:

    I have two theories. He’s attracted to you but not that much to actually talk to you or maybe he’s shy. Look you should make the first move if he doesn’t approach you. YOLO girl. You already have the no go for the yes, you have nothing to lose! You’ll regret the things you didn’t do than what you did do. So go get him tiger;)

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