“When will I get a boyfriend?”

I’m always getting picked on for being single and want to know if there is a way to tell when a man is coming my way?

2 thoughts on ““When will I get a boyfriend?”

  1. DavidIsGreat says:

    Focus on having fun instead of getting a man. You’ll project your best self and attract others because of that. And if not, at least you’re having fun.

  2. laurenmapp says:

    I was dating guys that I met online on and off for several years, without any of the relationships really going anywhere – and like you, I kept wondering when I would meet someone who was boyfriend material.

    It wasn’t until I started to really care about and focus on myself that I met my current boyfriend – who I have now been with for a year. He is a much better match than I could have ever asked for, and I absolutely attribute it to the changes that I made for myself (which included setting silly, short-term goals like running 5ks and hiking random places, and not remaining friends with guys that I dated and was “friend-zoned” by).

    As cliche as it is to say that “as soon as you stop looking you’ll find ‘the one,'” it really is true. I met my boyfriend as soon as I stopped caring about having a boyfriend, and just cared about being my best self alone.

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