What should I do?

I’m 16 and I knew this guy since kindergarten. I’m pretty sure he had a crush on me back in elementary school. We were always talking to each other. But now we’re in highschool and I’m the one with a crush on him! But the problem is that he got popular in middle school and have talked since then. I got his number back but too afraid to text him. Like what if he is with his friends and he tells them that I like him and then they make fun of me for it!

4 thoughts on “What should I do?

  1. Lost_Cause says:

    [Don’t tell him you like him over text. Just text him a nice hello and go from there! Don’t rush it 🙂 Good luck!!

  2. resullins says:

    [Yup…. what lost_cause said. You don’t need to go gushing to this guy over text. Don’t give him anything to make fun of you for. Just start a conversation, and see what happens. But also remember that just because he “got popular” doesn’t mean he’s better than you. Stand up for yourself, and keep in mind that you’re important and worthy, too. So if he’s not interested, don’t fawn, don’t whimper, lick your wounds, hold your head high, and move on sister!

    And remember… this is a small portion of your entire life. Don’t take it too seriously.

  3. DavidIsGreat says:

    [Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

    Take the risk and don’t fear rejection

    Seriously, it will happen sometime, better learn that it’s no big deal while you’re still young

    • FoxTrott1 says:

      [If what you are doing isn’t working then you need to try something else! You aren’t happy with your current situation “not dating him” are you? So, then the only way you are going to change that is by expressing your interest. You don’t have to get all mushy with him initially. Just start with a few texts to begin a conversation. It can be as simple as telling him something funny that happened to you. Keep the conversation going and trust me, he’s going to get the hint. Good luck getting his attention and let us know how it goes. Peace

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