I’m 22 & I’m about to have a baby with a 36 yo man. We met almost a year ago & started to just have sex on the regular and here I am pregnant! He is a felon, has 3 other children by 3 other women. At first, we had no real relationship whatsoever, but as time passed he expressed how he wants a family with me & our daughter. He still sees a PO every month & has lost two jobs since I met him along with child support ready to pick him up. He lives with his mom cause of not getting along with his roommate. He has a past of being abusive & although he has never hit me, I can tell that he still has controlling ways but he says he has changed. I need advice on whether or not I should let go or stay because I do have love for him. Every time I try to cut him off & make it strictly about our baby, he says all the right things to win me back, acts right for a few days, and then we’re back at square one. What should I do?

6 thoughts on “HELP!!!

  1. Dennis Hong says:

    [You know, maybe you should take a look at the blurb posted right before yours. The similarities are uncanny, and I’d say everything that was said to her applies to you just as well.

  2. resullins says:

    [What Dennis said! I started a response that was well, that… and then my computer died. So I’m back.

    Your problem is simple: LEAVE HIM. There’s no hidden meaning here… no wiggle room… no other options. Leave him. And get sole custody of your child, as this man will damage her. He has four children by four women… what does that tell you? The human brain is programmed to find patterns… this one’s not hard. Go ahead… I’ll wait.

    Are you back? Ok… you are another notch in his bedpost… you are going to end up as another person he can’t pay child support to, that he gets angry at, whose child he neglects when he goes to jail for failure to pay above child support, etc. You’re just the next on the list… and he will move on.

    “He has a past of being abusive” is enough to get you out the door right now. Your sole responsibility in this world is that child. Period. End of story. Protect her at all costs. And sometimes, that means leaving the potentially abusive deadbeat felon sperm donor.

    Run. Run to your parents until you get on your feet. Run to a shelter. Run to somewhere they can help you and your child. There are SO many people out there that can help you… the burden of finding them is on you, however.

  3. Krae says:

    [I pretty much knew the best outcome. I just needed to hear it from outsiders to realize how naive I have been. Thank you guys so much

    • Dennis Hong says:

      [You bet! If affirmation is what you needed, affirmation we’re happy to throw in your face. 🙂

    • resullins says:

      [Yeah… I do tend to throw… but sometimes that’s what people need.

      I really hope you get what you need, and more importantly, what the baby needs. Let us know how it goes… and if you need location-specific resources, you can provide your general area, and maybe someone knows of some place that can help?

  4. with says:

    [Aha,that man is refused,because you do it as very of respectable young ladies and fast you become normal,not,to live now and after,now! and after!

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