Should I Move?

I have been in a 3 month relationship now with someone who my parents do not like. I’m 19 and in college, but currently hating it because the classes are too big, im not doing good in school, and I just cannot live with girls anymore. My boyfriend is moving out of state to be with his mom and dad again who are willing to take me in. I have been looking into transferring schools for awhile now because all my friends are out of state getting a great experience and I’m not enjoying mine. My parents have been putting me through college, but if I move out of state I don’t think they will be helping me out. I have always wanted to say that I was able to put myself through college and I think that is a major accomplishment I could have because I don’t think I have had such a big accomplishment like that. My parents don’t like him because they think he is just using me, but I don’t see it. He goes out of his way to take care of me and make sure I’m okay. He is also willing to help me out financially in any way possible to make sure my dreams do come true. He does have depression, but he has been diagnosed and i have been helping him out too. We both make each other happy and I don’t see why my parents can see that. They say they want the best for me and so does he. And they need a decision very soon, but I want other people’s opinions on this situation too. I’ve also put people’s happiness in front of mine and I know either way I’m going to make someone unhappy. Please just help me by saying what you think of the situation. Thank you.

2 thoughts on “Should I Move?

  1. Traci29 says:

    [Oh I also forgot to add that my parents had gone though all my text messages with him for three weeks without telling me. I understand that they should be able to because they pay the phone bill, but they should have asked for my persmission in my opinion.

  2. Missy says:

    [i feel your pain. sounds like my parents while i was living with them at 19. my mom was ALL in my business. she disapproved of my boyfriend, too. i showed her…i married that guy and am now about 5 years out of that divorce. i don’t regret it – it taught me a lot about life and who i am. see, my parents dictated (or at least strongly influenced my decisions) for most of my life.

    the thing that strikes me specifically is that you want to “put yourself through college,” but will you be able to do it? it sounds a little bit like your bf is willing to financially support your endeavors, but is that what you want? that’s not doing it yourself. not by a long shot. and chances are, if he does support you through school, you are going to feel stuck and indebted to him. not ideal.

    aside from that – you’ve known this guy for 3 months. that’s like 90 days, give or take. have you even met his folks? this all just seems like not so good of a situation. moving in with a new bf, into his folks’ house, in a new town, starting a new school, at 19. it seems like a lot.

    take solace in the fact, though, that whatever you decide – if it doesn’t turn out awesome – it will be a life-lesson. we ALL need the opportunity to make those for ourselves. good luck to you!

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