Love Triangle

I’ve been dating a guy for almost two years. Everything was great up until about 4 months ago. He’s been mean to me and very aggressive. He’s not abusive by any means but he’s just not the same person he used to be. He still does nice things for me and we get along some of the time.. About two or three weeks ago he broke up with me because he was tired of all the fighting. The next night we got back together and for two days we were happy and great. But after that it went back to the same old stuff.. While all of this is going on there is this guy that I see everyday and He is my BestFriend. We talk about everything. he recently told me he loves me and wants to be with me. I know I have feelings for him too. But I also still love my boyfriend. I’m just not sure what to do at this point..

One thought on “Love Triangle

  1. PetiteSauvage says:

    [It sounds like you know what you want and what you should do, but you feel guilty about it. Is your current boyfriend really changing in his behavior? Or is it just that the two of you have grown apart and no longer get along the way you once did? If we asked him, would he say that you’re the one who’s been different recently? In either case, it kind of doesn’t matter. His behavior is not optimal and between the two of you things are not working out. I think it’s time to move on (and I suspect you do too). You shouldn’t feel guilty about this. Not every relationship is going to work out, even if both parties legitimately care about each other.
    For the first phase of a relationship, your body is manufacturing all kinds of delicious, warm, feel-good bonding chemicals. Which are awesome! But they can also keep us from seeing that maybe the other person isn’t quite as perfect a match for us as we originally thought. And sometimes people do just legitimately change (which could be him or YOU or both of you). Either way, you all of a sudden find yourself looking at a person who doesn’t quite understand you, isn’t really interested in the same things, or just plain isn’t the person you thought they were. That’s OK. It’s alright for people to change and it’s alright to break off a relationship that honestly seems to be making both of you unhappy more often than not. It’s hard because after two years there’s going to be a lot of good memories and affection you still have for this person. But to string him along when you know you have feelings for someone else, whom you apparently get along much better with, simply isn’t right. He’d be giving up the chance to pursue someone else to stay with you- a person he mostly fights with- and eventually you’ll probably break up again anyway.
    I say give the guy you call your ‘best friend’ a chance at being more, and give your current bf the opportunity to find someone that HE can call a best friend (and also manufacture lovely chemicals for).

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