Please help us at LemonVibe!

Hi there! My name is Dennis, and I’m the creator of LemonVibe.

If you’re thinking of posting a blurb, or just posted one these past few days, you may have noticed something odd about our recent ones:

We’ve been getting quite a few people asking questions, but not many answering them.

So lame, right?

Now, I get that sometimes, you just need advice, and you don’t feel like you have any of your own to offer. Hey, it’s totally understandable.

But really, mutual help is how a community like LemonVibe works. It’s how we survive.

And lately, it feels like the people answering blurbs have dwindled down to just a few of us. We have so many takers, but few givers. And that’s making it hard for those us who still do post advice to keep up.

So will you help us? If you’re thinking of asking for help (or already have), why not take a look at the other blurbs that have been posted? Maybe you experienced something similar. Maybe you understand how exactly they feel. Maybe you can offer insight as the opposite sex. Whatever your thoughts, don’t be afraid to share them! Everyone has their own unique perspective based on their own unique experiences, and we would love to know about them.

The mission of LemonVibe is to crowdsource advice from real people, imperfect and flawed as we all are. That’s how we can get different perspectives and decide what best works for us. So please, help us help each other!

What do you think?

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