Should i tell my girlfriend?

Im 17 years old, me and my girlfriend recently went on a break for a month, within that month i traded nude pics and videos with a 13 year old (it was very wrong i know) But i am now back with my girlfriend and if she knew she’d be disgusted in me. But should i tell her? I fell like im keeping something from her but i dont want her to look at me weird or cause an arguement. During the break me and my girlfriend wasnt talking at all and i didnt think we would talk ever again. What should i do? confess or keep the past in the past?

2 thoughts on “Should i tell my girlfriend?

  1. resullins says:

    [Ok… a couple of things here.

    1. You need to seriously address the fact that you were trading nudes with a 13 YEAR OLD GIRL. That signals a much larger problem than having to deal with your girlfriend. You need to talk to someone about that. About why you find that attractive. Because I won’t lie, if I was that girls parents, I would have you arrested and let you rot in jail. Especially since you are REALLY close to the age where what you did is a felony. A felony that will get you put on a list for life.

    You need to tell your parents that you need to see a professional. You don’t have to tell them why, but you need to do it. And you need to get help.

    2. Until the above is addressed, you really shouldn’t be with anyone at all. Ex-girlfriend or not. Save her, save yourself.

    3. And last but not least, I hate to be the finger-wagging adult here, but stop trading nude pictures with anyone. Just stop. It’s gross, it’s juvenile, and there are a lot of petty people out there that will save those things and use them to try and ruin your life. It’s not worth it.

  2. EricaSwagger says:

    [Totally agree with Resullins… Things happen (sometimes the girl tells you she’s 15 or 16 or whatever, people lie, I get that) but that doesn’t make it any less illegal or any less your fault for not being absolutely sure of her age before you started getting involved in that way. The law doesn’t care if she lied, you know? You made some really poor decisions and you should see someone, as was mentioned above. You don’t have to tell your girlfriend or parents exactly why (at least, hopefully, you have understanding parents who will respect your openness and willingness to seek help at all) but you should tell them all that you feel like you need to talk to someone so you can work through these things.

    As for what to do with your girlfriend, you’re in a tough spot. If you keep this from her you’re a liar and if she were to ever find out you’ll likely break up. If you tell her, you think you’ll break up now… Basically a secret like this dooms the relationship, so you have to decide if you’re going to be selfish and keep it from her for now, to stay in the relationship, or be a good person, and tell her truth, and get the help you need. The second option at least leaves you an honest person and allows for the opportunity for you to get back together once you get help.

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