one night stand.. does he like me or not?

I met this guy in a club over the weekend. He wasn’t local and was here on business trip so didn’t have a local number. All he gave me was a work email address, took my phone and sent himself an email and said he will write me again. But after a few drinks, we headed back to his hotel. The sex was amazing and he was very sweet. He even wanted to cuddle and have pillow talk after sex and also prepared toothbrush etc for me for the morning.

We had sex again in the morning and cuddled for the longest time. He walked me down to get a taxi and I went back. The next day I wrote him an email asking if he was interested to have a drink, he replied me a couple hours later and said he could do drinks with me but would be late at night. I said ok and was waiting for him in my friend’s bar. He was an hour late so i thought he wasn’t coming but was surprised and happy when he showed up.

I could tell he was very tired when he got to the bar, he came directly after his work. So after a drink we went back to his hotel and this time i wasn’t drunk. The sex was even better than the last time and after sex we cuddled again and he asked started asking me how many relationships i’ve had, if i thought he’s cute and how would i rate the sex blah blah.. He said i was definitely in his top 3 of all his relationships and that he loved how much i turn him on (not sure if this is some form of tactic to make me feel special).

As we were falling asleep with me wrapped up in his arms, he suddenly jerked me up and said “come on, lets go to the roof. you’d love it, the view is amazing and we could have a smoke there” (i told him before we went to sleep that i would love to have a cigarette right now and he said he will have one too and started to yawn so i said it’s ok since he’s so tired he should rest). At that point, I thought he was so sweet and thoughtful.

He told me he had a conference call at 6am but he would rather i stay the night and leave before his call (emphasised how sorry he was to have to wake me up early too). We cuddled and he hugged me so tight and said “now you don’t want me to go back, do you?” I shook my head and he hugged me even tighter and said “i’m glad you like me”.

So 6am came and his phone was screaming, i woke up in shock of the alarm and he wrapped his arms around me and said “shh.. dont bother about it, sleep baby”. he took the call and signal that i should just sleep in and not leave.

We had sex again after his call and he said we should just snooze for 10 mins and head down for breakfast. During breakfast, he was being so sweet again and i was at that point starting to fall for him. He told me he had to jump into another call, i said he should take it up his room and he asked if i would go up too but i didn’t wanna overstay my welcome and chose to head home.

Later in the afternoon I wrote him again, asking if he wanted to meet up again but only got a reply like 5 hours later saying he would be too tired to head out but i am very welcome over his place. I replied i would go over in a while and asked if he’s already back in the hotel but got no reply. I know he has a early morning flight and we stayed up so late the night before, he’s probably tired.

I got an reply from him in the middle of the night saying he fell asleep and that he was very sorry but i have yet to reply him. Now I know he will be flying in and out the country for work so he will definitely be back. The thing is he only gave me his work email and not his private one, he does not have Facebook and i can’t add him there. He has a phone but didn’t give me his number (could be a work phone for all i know). So basically i have no means of contacting him except for his work email which in this current era, is kinda stupid to me.

My question is, does he actually like me at all? Should i reply his email and what should i say in my email?

3 thoughts on “one night stand.. does he like me or not?

  1. Anna says:

    [Well in my opinion, if a guy is into you he will find a way to communicate and meet up with you. That being said, you can reply to his email casually but that is up to you. I think he is aware that you would like to meet up with him.
    But doesn’t it sound odd that he had your phone but chose to give you his work email and not his personal email or his phone number?

  2. N Ryder says:

    [I have this habit of falling for non-locals and based on that, here’s my opinion:

    Does he like you? Yeah, he does. He’s not faking when he wants to meet up and have sex and cuddle and call you “baby”. He might even mean that you’re in his top three. But that doesn’t mean he wants a relationship or even wants to keep in touch while he’s gone. He’s probably used to this “one night stand” thing, and some of us are capable of being really emotionally invested in someone and yet knowing that that will not last beyond the short time we have together. He’s probably assumed you understand the nature of the situation is that there’s no real relationship in your future, but for him, that doesn’t mean he can’t really like you, for a few days.

    So at this point it’s up to you, what do you want? Are you okay with a “see you when I see you” type of hook-up situation? Or are you an all or nothing type of person? If you want a real relationship, you’re not going to get that. I would probably save yourself the time and pain and just not reply.

    If you like him and you’re okay with a no-strings relationship when he’s around, I would reply to his email. Tell him you had a great time and loved spending time with him. Tell him you wish him well and you’d love to see him again if he’s ever back in town. This will open you two up to a friendly, no pressure connection that can be really loving and fun without tying anyone down. But still prepare yourself for the fact that he may not reply. He may not want to keep you in his life at all. Again, I don’t think that means he didn’t like you, but he wasn’t looking for something lasting.

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