Lost and Confused

I was with a man for three years. He started lying, hiding things from me. I found out he was still having contact with his ex girlfriend. He lied about that. He was calling her daughter his. The girl was 19 when he met her. He would leave for the weekend, cut off his phone, and not cut it back on until he came back. His mom told me what he was doing. Then he brings this woman around at first I was told she was his sisters friend. One night I was at his house and she was there. He was standing in front of her. She reaches out and puts his head in her breast. I confronted him, he claimed it would not happen again. He said he was going to tell her to leave, I waited and acted like I was going to the bathroom, when he thought I was out of sight he goes up to her grabs her and hugs her. I was shocked. When she left I confronted him. He said they were friends, nothing else. Last week I decided I could no longer deal with it. I told him. He said he was not giving up anyone for me. He also said she had done more for him than I did. When I met this man he had nothing. Now he is back in his home, lights, hot water, heat. He had no car, now he has two. He had no clothes, now he has plenty. He had no license, he is close to getting some. Why. Because I helped him. Then he tells me this B**** has done more for him than me. He also told me that his ex-girlfriends daughter was his world and he was not giving her up. I talked to him yesterday, he says he does not understand why I will not believe him. He told me If I learned to control my mouth and my thoughts I could keep a man. I just need someone to tell me what you think. I want to hurt him like he has hurt me, but how do you hurt someone who never cared. He said he loved me and still does. I say B*******.

4 thoughts on “Lost and Confused

  1. resullins says:

    [RUN AWAY! Leave this man as quickly as you can, and learn your lesson. He used you, and he got everything he wanted out of you. There’s no love, respect, admiration, or trust here. This is an extraordinarily dysfunctional and toxic relationship. Seriously, separate yourself. If you are legally or financially tied to him in any way, get some help in severing those bonds. Delete his phone number, do not contact him. This man is a bottom feeder, and he’s dragging you down with him.

  2. Matt Sanchelli says:

    [If he claims she’s done SO much for him…then I say let her do so 100% percent of the time.

  3. Matt Sanchelli says:

    [Being a member of the male gender I’m disgusted to share a chromosome with this guy (and guys like him).

    There is nothing good about him that I can tell, based on what you’ve explained thus far.

    I agree with Res…run/walk/jog/swim away and never [read = NEVER] look back. He’s working a very successful manipulation game and turning anything you throw at him back towards you.

    He obviously has no respect for you in any way, shape, or form.

    While I understand your desire to hurt him, I encourage you not to lower yourself to his level. Be the bigger person and just leave him. Any sort of legal, or financial, ties you have with him aren’t necessarily a sentence to being stuck with him. Rally friends and family to help you if needed.

    You do NOT need this guy in your life. There are so many other people (better people) out in the world.

  4. resullins says:

    [Oh yeah, I got so involved trying to answer the first part of the email, I forgot about the last part.

    You will NOT be able to hurt this man. Short of shirking all sense of legality and humanity… and defying every anti-torture treaty in the history of mankind… you’re out of luck. This man is manipulative, and possibly borderline sociopathic. He doesn’t care. You will not be able to make him care.

    Just leave. Let him do whatever she wants.

    Trying to get back at this guy is going to be like playing chess with a pigeon. He’s just going to shit all over the board and strut around like he won anyway.

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