Witnessing Abuse and how to take care of it

My Dad has severe epilepsy and can’t hold a job, drive or live alone so he has been living with his parents (my grandparents) while his disability appeal proceeds to court. I live with him because of an issue with my Mom and because I am in college in the town we live. My cousins are the victims of drug abuse during pregnancy and as a result they suffer from autism. They don’t live with their parents because they have problems with prescription drug abuse. The children have lived with my grandparents since they were born regardless of there being no no actual custody agreement. My grandparents have been letting the kids parents collect over $600 a month in food stamps for kids they don’t support. In the recent years my Grandmother has become what can only b described as psychotic and expressas verbal aggression and physical destruction to her own property in these fits of rage on a daily basis. (Ex: Earlier today she was making pizza and couldn’t find the pizza cutter. She goes on to scream at my Dad and My Grandfather all while pulling the draws out of their spaces and throwing things on the floor about how they always hide thing from her because they think it is funny and tells my Dad that he is a liar when he tells her where it is. She finds it where he said it was and says “Real frickin’ funny Dan! You caused this mess ‘Cause you think you’re funny or somethin’!” And that was just one of today’s outbursts that happen multiple times a day.) She threatens the kids with physical abuse and screams on a near constant basis. These children shouldn’t have to grow up in this environment and be victimized like this. I want to report the actions to child protective services but if I do she will know that I am responsible and kick my disabled father and myself out of the home with nowhere to go. How can I take care of this situation anonymously and do what’s right for these children?

2 thoughts on “Witnessing Abuse and how to take care of it

  1. resullins says:

    [First thing, the drug abuse during pregnancy may or may not have caused the autism. There is currently NO KNOWN CAUSE of autism… so thinking that’s a definite will lead you down some other bad assumptions.

    Second, you can always make an anonymous tip to CPS. Do it from someone else’s phone. You don’t have to give them your name. There are too many people living under a very dysfunctional roof for this to be healthy for anyone. I would absolutely make the tip. Get these kids out of there. Is there any other family that’s not verbally abusive or addicted to narcotics? Maybe try calling them first?

  2. Dennis Hong says:

    [Agreed with Res. Anonymous call to CPS — or any other sort of social services — is your best bet at this point. Either way, this is probably not something you should be trying to handle on your own.

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