Can they do this?

I’m currently being treated for bipolar disorder but health professionals. I’ve only just admitted to the doctor of my feelings due to a push from support and a push in general from my boyfriend.
My parents (as I’m only 16) are punishing me for this. They say they are helping but what they’re doing is only allowing contact with my boyfriend for an hour a day. My boyfriend is my main pillar of support and as I’m suicidal and a continuous self harmer I need my boyfriend to be there for me to talk to when I begin to get low.
My parents don’t realise how much harm they are putting me at by basically allowing me to sit isolated in my room with my thoughts.
Can they do this?
Do you agree with what they are doing?
I understand they are my parents, but you can’t stop your child talking to her boyfriend of over a year.

5 thoughts on “Can they do this?

  1. resullins says:

    [So many things wrong with this situation.

    First and foremost. Thank you for getting help. That really is one of the hardest parts to overcoming mental or emotional problems.

    After that though… you have a lot of problems. Your boyfriend is not a “pillar of support.” He’s your enabler. You are 16, and you are dependent on a boy that you’ve been seeing for a little while in high school. I understand that he might make you feel better, but do you realize how messed up that sentence is? You are a self-harmer. You are obviously someone that looks for something to distract yourself from the pain you’re feeling. You need to NOT look for another distraction, you need to put that energy into therapy.

    And instead of sitting in your room dwelling and contemplating suicide… see if you can find a hobby. Bi-polar people are some of the most passionate people! Because they find something they love and they stick with it. So use it. Find a hobby. Paint, read, take up cross-stitch, collect some stamps, make your parents some lovely macrame baskets. Whatever. Just find something that makes you happy!

    Also… there are a lot of people that see their boyfriends a LOT less than an hour a day.

  2. EricaSwagger says:

    [You can not place your happiness or your choices or your life on anyone but yourself. YOU must work on yourself, nobody can really make you happy except you. For the present and the future, remember this: Try not to ever NEED anybody. Wanting someone around gives you the power of choice. Needing someone around makes you weak.

    Your parents are keeping you safe by keeping you under their watch. You’re only 16. Chances are your parents DO know what’s best for you. I know you’ll never believe that, but it’s true. Your parents and your therapist DO have your best interests at heart. That may mean not catering to your every whim. Tough. Life is tough.

    I hope your diagnosis is correct, I get a gut feeling that it isn’t but I guess that’s irrelevant. Continue therapy regardless. Continue to talk openly with your therapist, your boyfriend, and your parents. But really try to figure out what makes you happy that is not contingent upon other people.

    • Anna says:

      [Erica, while I agree with a lot of what you have said. I would never tell a person who you haven’t met face to face that you have a “gut feeling” that their diagnosis isn’t correct. I am a trained Mental Health professional and I wouldn’t venture to diagnose anyone without actually having several meetings with them in person.
      That’s about it.

    • EricaSwagger says:

      [I do not work in the Mental Health field but have studied it and was simply offering my educated, non-processional opinion. Self-harm is not a typical symptom of Bipolar Disorder (or, Bipolar is not generally the underlying disorder in those presenting with self-harm), so it stood out to me.

    • Anna says:

      [Well, I would like to clarify that Bipolar Disorder like many mood disorders has the component of self harm. Depression and self harm at times go with it.
      I say so because of having worked with clients who have had Bipolar Disorder, and a google search..even google scholar search pull up some articles that show a correlation between Bipolar D/o and self harm .

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