Guy Advice

Last year I went out with a guy a three times. Had fun, kissed but absolutely nothing more. Then he kind of faded away. He’s pretty clueless with women and without getting into details because they’re boring, this isn’t just my opinion, it’s a know fact.

It’s been about 6 months, and I randomly get a text about cookies I dropped off at work. I was surprised but replied nicely. And that was it. Today, about 2-3 weeks later, he texts me about something I put on Facebook. This time we exchanged a few messages.

I think he’s trying to reconnect, but this is the first time a guy has done this (booty calls exempted). I’m not holding my breath and I’m not expecting anything, but I would like to encourage him if he really is interested in reconnecting without scarring him off.


3 thoughts on “Guy Advice

  1. Dennis Hong says:

    [I’m going to offer two general tips for making conversation that apply here:

    1) Avoid curt responses. Don’t reply with “yes,” “no,” or anything like that. Especially over text, that often signals disinterest.

    2) When he asks you a question, ask it back of him, too. And in turn, avoid asking generic questions or questions that can be answered with one word. For instance, don’t ask, “How are you?” Ask something like, “Oh, how did that [something he posted Facebook] turn out?”

    If you stick with these two tips, I think you’ll show interest in chatting with him without, you know, throwing yourself at him. Good luck!

  2. resullins says:

    [I agree with everything Dennis said! Show interest passively, and you’ll be less likely to scare him away. Leave conversations open-ended… and try to coax him into talking back.

  3. EricaSwagger says:

    [Just be careful. Someone who fades away on you once will probably do it again. There are tons of excuses they can drop but the point is, the fade away usually just means they don’t care. Even someone with two hospitalized parents and 3 kids to take care of from a previous marriage (for example) will stay in touch with you if they really want to.

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