We talk a lot before and we find ways to keep it going. But now, I feel like she tries to end the conversation quickly. unlike before if I ask her she ate, she goes “yeah, how about you?”. I just get a yes now.. Should I keep pursuing or is this another lost cause?

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  1. resullins says:

    [How often are you talking? Do you chat on the phone for 3 or 4 hours every night? Or is she giving you these answers after only talking for a little while every few days? How long have you two been together? There are a lot of details missing that may give some more insight.

    Overall, I’d say if you’ve been together for quite a while, then this is just what happens. You settle out of that lovey dovey phase and just become comfortable with less communication. If that’s the case, you should just try making things more interesting. Think about things to talk about that aren’t so quotidian.

    Now, if you haven’t been together very long… then this sounds like she’s losing interest. And that happens sometimes, too. If this is the case, then back off a little. Gauge her interest. See if she comes to you. If she doesn’t make an effort, then you have your answer loud and clear.

    Whatever the case, you can’t keep making all the forward strides.

    • spunku says:

      [We known each other fr a month.. We actually talk the whole day and sometimes until after midnight. I guess you right that she’s losing interest and I maybe better off somewhere else.

      Thanks for the reply. Its an eye opener that I needed to hear from someone else.

      Thanks again 🙂

    • resullins says:

      [Wow… well apparently no one else thought it was helpful.

      Yes, if it’s only been a month and you talk all day, you guys are coming in too hot, and you’re just gonna flame out.

      Think about it like the tortoise and the hare. You guys started out going to fast and so intensely that it was bound to lose some steam. No one can keep going like that indefinitely.

    • Dennis Hong says:

      [No, my guess is the blurb poster hit “not helpful” by mistake… which has been happening quite a bit. The poster’s votes are +5/-5, so I’m guessing you had +2 beforehand.

      Yes, this is a design issue we need to think about….

    • resullins says:

      [Ahhhh… well damn it man! You just cost me 5 guru points! I demand a refund! 😉 It’s all good… I’ll make up for it with my Coach points.

    • Dennis Hong says:

      [Well, of course. I figured Guru points weren’t even on your radar…. :-p

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