does he like me

ok well im a young teen fwi and i dated this guy when i was 12 and he was my first kiss and we were “in love”,but he dumped me for another girl, he seriously dumped me on my way to lunch then by the end of lunch was dating this girl. Well now its a few years later and idk if he might like me. hes single and ive been delicate about the situation, i talked to him only twice after we broke up cuz he never has his phone. well my friend was talking to him apparently and she asked my over text if i still liked him and i said yes and he told him and he aid he MIGHT get back together with me. but idk if hes just saying that cuz he want a girlfriend. he was surprised that after all the mean things he said about me after we broke up that i still like him. but idk and i really wanna know! please help 😥

5 thoughts on “does he like me

  1. resullins says:

    [Oh honey, I don’t even know where to start here. There are a lot of pieces to this puzzle that you’ll learn naturally as you age. And I know that the last thing you want to hear is about how young you are, and how old and wise we are. But honey, you’re young, and we’re old and wise. So take our advice… please.

    This guy dumped you on the way to lunch. Do you not realize how that sounds? You weren’t “in love,” you were dating an immature boy that didn’t think enough about you to wait until after gym class to move on to the next girl. This kid doesn’t care about anyone he’s dating. It’s just something for him to do between algebra and biology. And frankly, you shouldn’t care about him either.

    At the risk of sounding like a parent here, you should REALLY be more focused on school right now, and less so on boys. It’s nice to have a boyfriend, I realize it’s a status symbol, and it’s companionship, but it’s not what’s important. It’s really not. All this boy’s going to do is distract you and get you in trouble. So if you must have a boyfriend, find one that’s not going to dump you on the breezeway outside of the chem lab! Find one that makes you laugh!

    And I’m going to tell you what I tell every high school aged kid that crosses my path: pay extra close attention in English class. Please please please don’t enter the “real world” without knowledge of proper capitalization and punctuation. As someone that has to screen resumes, I don’t even consider someone without proper grammar skills. Just a helpful tip.

  2. Dennis Hong says:

    [I’m still trying to understand what exactly happened in this particular sentence:

    “well my friend was talking to him apparently and she asked my over text if i still liked him and i said yes and he told him and he aid he MIGHT get back together with me.”

    But just the fact that you have so many he-said’s and she-said’s is kind of the problem here. Your situation is just this jumbled mass of hearsay at this point. If you want to know, talk to him directly, not via proxy through three other people.

    At the same time….

    What resullins said. This guy doesn’t sound like he’s all that interested in you (if at all), and I think you’re better off walking away.

    Then again, I also remember what junior high and high school was like, and how hard it can be to walk away from stuff like this. if you really like him that much… well, I doubt there’s nothing anyone here can say that will sway you.

    So, If you do end up giving him a chance, just be careful, and before you let yourself fall head over heels for him, keep reminding yourself that he’s being kind of a non-committal ass right now. Good luck….

  3. Anna says:

    [So quite honestly, and to sum it up – he is totally not worth your time! Btw you don’t want to date someone who dumped you and started dating another chick by after lunch!

    Also he said mean things about you, which is never a good thing! Its easy to like someone esp. when they were your first kiss, but I’d say don’t bother with him anymore. I am pretty sure there are cuter and nicer boys out there ( and they probably kiss well too :))

  4. Lynnda says:

    [Everything else aside he said mean things about you. A boy who makes you cry is not worth the tears and the boy who is worth it won’t make you cry. Don’t sell yourself short. Don’t settle for a boy who doesn’t value you for every bit of wonderful I am sure makes up the girl who is you..

  5. reallynewtothiskindastuff says:

    [I think, he just wants a girlfriend. He knows that he had you when you were at a vulnerable state. Chances are, if he was a butthole to you when you were 12, he hasn’t changed much, and will only keep on doing things to test how much of him you can stand. My best advice would be for you to leave him before you give up something more than your first kiss… like your virginity. Then you will really be emotionally attached. He doesn’t sound like a nice guy. You’re still young. There are going to plenty of nice guys and cute guys out there, find one who loves and respects you. And to avoid any future scenes like this, RESPECT YOURSELF and demand it from others. If they don’t respect you, drop them.
    Hope this helps 🙂

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