“The only thing I don’t have is a fuck to give.”

I’ve been living with my boyfriend and our two children from prior relationships for just over a year now. He’s very old school (no nonsense, no talking about his feelings, etc.) but we’ve been pretty happy for the past year!

He works at night while I work days (and commute 90 minutes each way) so between our jobs and the two kids, we get very little time together. He DID have Thursday and Friday night off which was great for me! However, his job has completely fucked him over for the whole summer and given him Tuesdays and Wednesdays off so today was one of the last two Saturdays we will have together all summer…

…and hes spent it in bed watching old war movies!!! Every time I go up to check on him and see if hes hungry or something hes like like, blah. We had really good sex this morning but that was pretty much the only interaction we’ve had all day. The last time I went up there I asked him if everything was okay and if I did anything wrong. He just said, “no, the only thing I don’t have is a fuck to give.”

My question is: is this normal? Would you put up with it? Have you done is?

I would go lay up there with him and enjoy old war movies as well, however: kids. They really don’t like it when BOTH adults lay in bed all day…

3 thoughts on ““The only thing I don’t have is a fuck to give.”

  1. nightowl says:

    [Hmm hard to know where to begin…!
    OK, so you know it’s a pretty shitty way to behave right? You must get that because I don’t think you would post here if you didn’t. I mean he could just be in a bad mood, and I get that. Sometimes life just gets you down and if he’s being shafted at work he is probably feeling really pissed off. We all have times like that. No reason to be a complete idiot though and take it out on you. You pointed out he is pretty old school – doesn’t talk about his feelings etc, so I am wondering how far away this is from his normal behaviour……
    To be honest I think he is being a selfish, inconsiderate, lazy, disrespectful, arrogant wanker. To expect you to be the one to look after the kids while he just lies around watching movies, and then to make such an off-hand comment like that…nope not really a normal way to treat the one you love.
    What did you say? How did you feel? I would have been so pissed off! I guess it depends on what you are used to. If this is quite out of character for him, then perhaps there is something going on with him, maybe he is worried about something and is lashing out (I am trying to give him the benefit of the doubt here, not that he deserves it). However, if this is just a little bit worse than how he normally treats you…..maybe it’s time for a rethink.

  2. resullins says:

    [I have to agree with Nightowl. I would have been pissed. But at the same time, you really should have talked to him. Even if he doesn’t like to talk about his feelings, that doesn’t mean you have to clam up about everything that’s bothering you. A simple “hey, I’d really like to hang out with you since this is our last Saturday together” would suffice. He is probably just pissed about the situation, and wasn’t even thinking about what it was going to do to you.

    Pipe up, girl!

  3. julie m says:

    [you should honestly talk to him and try and work things out and see whats going on with him? i wouldnt think you would have done any thing wrong except try and make him the happiest that you could

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