My Bestfriend ASKED OUT MY CRUSH?!?!?!?

So basically My best friend just asked out my crush right in front of me. I got so mad, she knew that I liked him! Now I’m Mad, I told I’m not because I don’t want to make her feel bad,so yeah I told her I wasn’t mad….Oh and my crush said that He’ll think about it when my “best friend” asked him out, What should I do 😦

6 thoughts on “My Bestfriend ASKED OUT MY CRUSH?!?!?!?

  1. C.Munro says:

    [There will be those who say, “So what? It’s not like you were asking him out, so why shouldn’t she?”

    I don’t get along with those people very well.

    I think your friend was insensitive and a bit disrespectful to have done that. When I found myself in situations like that in the past, I’d typically fade out of both the friendship and the crush. But that’s probably not the best way to handle it. The grown-up thing to do would be to communicate honestly with your friend. Tell her what upset you, why it upsets you, and why you were reluctant to say anything about it earlier. Then reevaluate the friendship based on how she reacts to that.

  2. Anna says:

    [Well, you can’t exactly stake claim over a guy.

    I would also say, you could find a new best friend, because it doesn’t seem that she is too concerned about your feelings… or you could try to understand where she comes from, and have a conversation with her before deciding to un-bestfriend her.

    But yeah, you could still ask the guy out you know, since he is an individual. Though, something to consider is this guy worth the hassle?

  3. roomagic says:

    [I know this is a tough situation, but this person is your best friend, right? That means you have a lot in common? Have you considered that perhaps one of the things you have in common is your taste in men? Perhaps she likes him too, just as much as you do. Why do you deserve him more than she does? It is very rare that a person asks someone out just to hurt someone else. You can’t control how your crush responds either. He might be into her, he might be into you, or he might not be into either of you. You can’t control that. And if she does like him, and he likes her back, do you really feel like it is wrong for them to be together because you called dibs? I hope this wasn’t too harsh, but in my experience, a crush is rarely worth messing up a friendship.

    • Annie says:

      [She asked him out in front of you???
      Mean, just mean. I love my friends and wouldn’t do that to them, let alone a bestie.

      Get yourself a new best friend honey, one who cares about your feelings.

  4. camcorder says:

    [It’s nothing to end a friendship over, but this clearly bothers you and you should address her about it. Don’t let her off the hook if she’s knowingly hurt you.
    About the guy, ask him to hang out too. Neither of you have a staked claim over the guy. He’s fair game. If she didn’t think what she did would hurt you or didn’t care that it hurt you, then it shouldn’t hurt her.

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