were do I stand?

So there is this guy I have known since high school we have always had an off and on thing never sleep together but we have kissed and we hang out once and a while movies, get togethers, etc. randomly text each other sometime me first sometime him. He is the one that usually invites me but truth be told once we are there it not like we go in clinging to each other but he is respectful making sure if it is a place I haven’t been or with people I don’t know that he offers to get my drink or doesn’t leave me just standing alone or any thing like that. I guess I just wonder why we have never moved pasted this never been boyfriend/girlfriend we are friends but there are gaps between or hangouts and communications sometimes as long as a few months.

3 thoughts on “were do I stand?

  1. AKchic says:

    [Where do you stand? On your own two feet.

    You are a crutch between girlfriends to prop him up. You are the stability. The palate cleanser. The easy companionship. You, honey, are friendzoned.

    However, if you have not made it crystal clear to him that you want to either make this a real relationship, he isn’t going to know. Should he call again (and we all know he will), tell him that before anything happens, you want to know where the two of you are going. That this yo-yo, lukewarm shit has to stop and that if you can’t have a real relationship, you don’t want to be his safety net anymore. See what happens.
    Most likely, he’ll stop calling. Or retreat into completely neutral territory and there will be no more “together” time, no more kissing, no more solicitious behaviour.

    Or, he could nut up and be a good boyfriend.

    You won’t know until you make your desires known. Do you want to risk it? Or, do you want to be the emotional doormat?

  2. New User 477547 says:

    [Thank you I think way down in my heart and mind I knew this I just hope because he was a little kind in some actions that I ment more but your right if some one wants you they let you know. I will be straight up with him and no matter the out come at least I am on my own two feet! 😉

  3. Matt Sanchelli says:

    [Do these moments when the two of you hang out/get together/go to movies/go out/kiss/etc., only happen when he’s not in any sort of relationship or are they truly random? When the communications lapse for up to a couple months…if you do like him (more than just a friend) why don’t you contact him? Or do you and he fails to respond?

    Being a guy who grew up with a fair share of female friends, a lot of times a friendship is just a friendship. Sure, I never kissed/made out with those I saw only as friends so it seems like the two of you are stuck in unknown area.

    Have you ever told him you would maybe want to be something more than friends? Has he ever brought anything up along these lines? If not, then the two of you are equally guilty for things sticking in this relative ‘romantic limbo’. For all he knows you’re fine with the way things are and don’t want things to change.

    My simple answer to your question is that you won’t have an answer until you ask this question to him.

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