How Early Can You Find True Love? (Thought Question)

This is something that occurred to me recently as I scrolled past a 14 year old on my facebook newsfeed claiming they had found their “soulmate” and that they were in “love”.

Now sidenote: I’m Muslim, and that means I can’t date (at least not traditionally), so I’ve never been in a relationship and have only seen dating from an outsider’s perspective.

Which brings me to my question; how early can you find true love? That of course, is assuming you can “find” true love. In theory, shouldn’t love be something that’s cultivated? And so could those 14 year olds be in true love, and they’re just not aware of it?

What are your thoughts? (and remember, I’ve never dated before).

5 thoughts on “How Early Can You Find True Love? (Thought Question)

  1. New User 280629 says:

    [there’s all kinds of love. i think at 14, it’s puppy love. but who knows…there are people who fall in love with someone in highschool and make it all the way through! how lucky they are!

  2. Dennis Hong says:

    [Hey, I think you should check out the book “Why We Love,” by Helen Fisher. As a biologist, I’m fascinated by the physiological basis behind love. Reading the book has made me somewhat cynical, but I also believe it’s allowed me to view the idea of “love” more realistically.

    To answer your question, though: I’m not convinced there is such a thing as true love — at least, as fairy tales and movies would define it.

  3. Matt Sanchelli says:

    [Like the first comment above I believe there are various kinds, or forms, of love.

    Who is to say what those two teenagers feel for each other isn’t love? It may not be the “classical” definition of love that most of us may immediately go to, but it could be love on some level.

    We have love for friends, love for family, love for pets,…should I go on? Why can’t there be different type of love in the romantic sense?

    I know I love differently now than I did 15 years ago; but that doesn’t make the love I felt for someone back then any less valid.

    More in line with your question, “is it TRUE love”; well I view that as relative. True love is relative. Like Dennis said, most hear true love and think of the Hollywood/fairy tale version of it. I’m sure if someone were to try and definite true love on a more realistic viewpoint it wouldn’t be as difficult to find as people think.

  4. AKchic says:

    [To me, when a 14 yea rold says “I’ve found my soulmate”, I automatically think “no, you’ve found your flavor of the month”.

    As a teenager/youth, you produce a LOT more hormones, which make your feelings feel much more pronounced, and teenagers are that much more eager to appear “grown up” anyways. They don’t look at cause and effect because their brains aren’t necessarily hardwired to do so yet. So, they throw terms around like “soulmate” and “forever” without truly understanding the full implication of what the fuck they are saying.

    This is either lust, puppy love, or a combination thereof. It is not true love. True love is much deeper and is felt much differently than what a person will feel in their early teens.

    I could not explain love to you. I can explain what love isn’t. But, even with explaining what love isn’t, by taking away such qualifiers, it still doesn’t leave you with a difinitive feeling. Love must be experienced personally, not described. It can never be described adequately to an outside person.

  5. Solstice says:

    [I just remember liking a different guy every 3 months in high school. So I’d say a 14 year old probably isn’t experiencing true love. They just aren’t mature enough yet.

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