Sharing sex info with others

So this isn’t news but rather something that’s been going on for awhile.

My wife will share sex details with a friend of hers. They don’t try to hide this at all, they’ll talk about it in front of me, with like, detail and stuff.

This is awkward, right? I mean, shouldn’t it be?

11 thoughts on “Sharing sex info with others

  1. AKchic says:


    Yes, that’s awkward. Especially if you have um, well, shortcomings in the bedroom that you’d prefer not be shared. Now, if you’re hung like a horse and your prowess can rival the best of porn stars – well, hey – give ’em knowing smiles, wink and “cock” a finger gun in their direction. *laugh*

    It’s time to sit your wife down and tell her that you don’t share bedroom stories with your buddies, so she can’t share them with hers. Much like Vegas, what happens in the bedroom (or whatever area you all happen to get down in) STAYS in the bedroom (metaphorically speaking). It’s an implied non-disclosure agreement that gentlemen adhere to. It’s about respect. If she can’t respect you enough to give your mutual sex life the privacy it deserves, then well… you could pull a scorned girlfriend and refuse to put out. Somehow though, I don’t think that will uh, hold out for very long on any guy’s side.

  2. karlos says:

    [Yeah, I’m used to this. With my last name being Smallwood people always want to know if I live up to it. You need to just get a really weird fetish, one so disturbing it cannot be discussed in public.

    I personally poop, just everywhere.

  3. Happy Pants says:

    [Like others have said, it’s weird to be talking about you, let alone your sex life, with someone else in your presence. Girls are going to talk about sex on some level with their friends; that’s virtually inescapable. But unless you have a common friendship with your wife’s friend (i.e. you guys hang out all the time and talk about sex in general, and that’s not a big deal), then it’s really inappropriate. Is she divulging information about what you like in bed? Or general info about how often you have sex or where? The degree of inappropriateness depends on the content of the conversation, I think.

    My roommate and her boyfriend do this sometimes, but it’s more of an overblown joke than anything else. I’ll joke about buying them lube and whatnot, and they’ll joke about using 1920s gangster voices in bed, and then simulate sex acts.

    …And then later that night I’ll hear “I’m gonna ______ you and you’re gonna like it, see?” through the wall…

  4. EricaSwagger says:

    [In all seriousness it is pretty weird to talk about you in your presence.
    It’s one thing for girls to be candid about sex with their friends one on one. But to openly discuss your sex life with an outsider while you’re sitting right there… is pretty freakin strange.
    I just can’t really understand what the motivation behind it could be. Is she bragging? Or asking advice? Or just making light conversation? I’m so confused by this behavior.

  5. Bonita says:

    [I am with your wife in this one. My teammates and I are stereotypical dude-like in our handling of sex talk, and the husbands have just gotten used to it. If it is making you uncomfortable to have her discuss it in your presence, ask her to refrain. But know she’ll still probably share.

    I think it is kick ass that she is comfortable and open enough to not feel the need to modify discussions with her friend because you are in the room!

  6. Matt Sanchelli says:

    [It is definitely one thing for her to talk about your sex life with her friend and it is a whole new level talking about your sex life with the friend when you are there.

    I don’t think either one is appropriate really. If she were asking for general advise regarding something, and didn’t go into detail, that would be one thing. But sharing details with a friend…I’m lost as to the why.

    As Erica asked, is she bragging? Wanting advice? Trying to fill an uncomfortable silence?

    Guys are typically stereotyped as being the kind to share the ‘down and dirty’ with their buddies. I think the most detailed my buddies and I have ever gotten into (whether it be a girlfriend, fling, or wife) is as specific as, “Yeah, we had sex.” and “It was good/bad.” Because as guys…we’re just happy our buddy is getting some.

  7. Solstice says:

    [I agree with most everyone else. It’s not something that should be discussed in front of you. If she really wants to talk about it with her friend, she should do it in private.

  8. resullins says:

    [Frankly, women are going to share. You’re never going to stop that. Women need a sounding board for sex, and other women are almost always the best bet.

    You can, however, let your wife know that her friend discussing it in front of you is uncomfortable. She should respect your wishes regarding the inappropriate-ness of that!

  9. Jasmine says:

    [Wait- isn’t this the beginning to every good Penthouse Letter? “my wife and I were hanging out with her friend. Then my wife started telling her how I am in bed, and her friend wanted to see it first hand, so we all ended up in bed together.”

  10. lilredbmw says:

    [Awkward? Well, I guess you don’t know my family. For us, nothing is off the table. Nothing. The conversations that go down at almost every family get-together range from sexual, emotional, physical, political, sports, you name it. It has always been that way, and for some it can be really uncomfortable to be around people who communicate so openly. So, speak up and tell her that it makes you feel uncomfortable. She probably has no idea it even affects you. It is possibly just very normal for her, so she is assuming it is normal for you. And, obviously, it is not normal for you. So don’t make it a big deal, just mention that you’d like to keep your intimate moments intimate and leave it at that. She will most likely take the hint and your sex life will be off the table for future dinner topics.

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