“I used to be abusive towards my family”

i had a very healthy life until I lost my father when I was 15 years old. I got into wrong habits like talking to many boys at one time, sleeping late in the night etc., which spoiled my reputation in society. My mom being the single parent worried a lot for me and explained to me to not do this by every means. I never listened to her and instead used to fight and beat my younger siblings out of frustration who were 7 years younger to me.

I never used to like any of my relatives and used to blackmail my family that i will behave even worse so that relatives would really want to break all ties with us. Somehow two years passed and I was sent to college. I was well-to-do with studies and hence was admitted to a good college. I hated my college as it was an all-girls college and I was from a co-ed school. I flunked a year because I used to bunk classes and got into smoking and drinking wit my then-BF.

We were dependent on my maternal grandparents for money. I somehow with a lot of difficulty finished grad school and joined a call center. I started earning but I hardly gave money to my family. I met a bad guy who used me physically and cheated on me. I left him and found a very decent boy with a decent family. My best friend guided me wrong and asked me to break up. I broke up with him. Continue reading