“I think my wife is sending nudes to other people”

In need of some advice. This is gonna be a bit long and it’s two points that somewhat connect.

First, I’m married (2 years) and I love my wife, right now we’re dealing with distance due to my work but things are great as we’ve dealt with it periodically throughout our relationship.

1. So when we first got into a relationship I had to move away for a while and 6 months into the relationship I had an emotional affair for maybe a month with an old ex. Things got pretty rough but we obviously got through it. She had threatened to have “revenge sex” but eventually explained she could never do it and didn’t want to. She did however in a fit of anger text me old sex videos she had of her and some exes to get back at me. Well one of the videos has been on my mind a lot lately and I kind of want to watch it to use as jerk off material. So long as I can’t see the guys face and she doesn’t say a name, I can imagine it’s me just like I do with porn. I have videos of me and her and they’re great but I just want something new. HOW DO I ASK TO HAVE HER SEND THIS?? Would it be too weird or wrong?? Continue reading

“I did something really stupid”

I did something really stupid that I probably shouldn’t have done, and now a friend of mine is extremely angry with me. But first, I should probably explain what led me up to this situation.

I met this boy on Instagram back in August or so. We’ll call him G. G lives in England. We started talking more, and by January, there were plans for him to move over here and live with me. Well, he started talking to his other friends about this plan, and he created a group chat with the friends who were willing to come to America with him. The group consisted of G, his girlfriend, some guy we’ll call J, and K. K was a lovely guy. He was sweet, caring, and very cute. We started PMing each other, one thing led to another, and we were in a relationship. A long distance relationship. With distance came desire. We wanted to see each other, and more of each other (if you know what I mean). It was amazing until April. Continue reading

“I feel unsatisfied and used for sex”

My partner of seven years lately hasn’t been satisfying me.

Just today, I was off my period and ready to go. It felt amazing and he cums and just rolls over as if it was nothing. He goes on these sites pretending to be me, (this is his fetish and yes, I gave him permission for it.) He uploads my nudes (without face.)

He gets off on the fact that other men get off to my body. But when he goes to have sex with me, it’s like he kinda uses me and is done. I don’t know what to do, it has me really pissed off now. I love the man to death, but I’m tired of feeling unsatisfied and used for sex. Everything else in our relationship is great,  just sexually it’s lacking.

“My guy is looking up nude pics of his ex-girlfriend”

Baby daddy and I haven’t been together for a couple of weeks recently. I don’t know what to do, I went through his Google history and I found the weirdest stuff! He was looking up an ex girlfriend he hasn’t seen in 4 years, trying to find NUDES of her. He looked up one of his BEST FRIEND’S current girlfriend and tried finding nudes of her, or if she had a webcam. (She’s not the prettiest girl either).

Plus he was creeping on my best friend I’ve known since I was 14! And he knows her! He looks at porn regularly as well. I also think he has a Paypal account (why else would he go to the website?) I confronted him about the searches and he said, “I don’t know why i do that!  I think it’s because you don’t send me nudes and I like it when my exes sent me nudes. And you never wanna do that.” I told him he should’ve told me, but why MY best friend???? Or his friend’s girlfriend?? Is that some kind of fetish or what? Help me please.