“I still think about my ex after 3 years”

I woke up this morning from dreaming about my ex all night. We dated on and off, for about 6 years. We have been broken up for close to 3 years. I can’t seem to let him go. I dream about him often, even on days that I haven’t even thought about him.

I still run into him with his new GF at festivals. I guess that’s not going to change, because that’s how we met. We both love the music scene. I’m not sure why I can’t seem to let go. I left him for many reasons, he was not a good BF, he was not a man, he could not grow up or treat me right. I gave him so many chances to fix himself, but by the time he had started making changes I was already over it. He broke my heart into a million pieces over and over again. Continue reading

“Is it better to lie?”

My ex-boyfriend and I are still talking (not seeing each other), because we both have feelings for each other. Although we were exclusively dating, I never called him my boyfriend, because I wanted him to change first. After 6 months of dating, he went on vacation with his family and started flirting with another girl. They were both posting pics on Instagram and flirting online. He told me she was his cousin for the whole month he was on vacation. He told me the truth when he came back, but he said he never did anything physical with her and he’s in love with me. According to him, he wanted me to see and get jealous. If that’s the case, I don’t understand why he would tell me she is his cousin, but whatever.

I can’t trust him anymore, and I specifically told him I can’t be with him and that we’re just friends. It’s been 2 months. I feel weak and ashamed that I don’t have the strength to let go of him. I know I need to get him to move on too. I kissed another guy 2 days ago to try to forget about him, which only worked temporarily. Continue reading