“I’m confused about my sexuality”

I’m almost 15 and I recently came back from two weeks at summer camp. At camp I met a girl named Alice and we became fast friends. I wanted to be around her all the time, I always wanted to be touching her… One night I couldn’t sleep because I kept imagining us on a date.

That night I came to the conclusion that I wasn’t totally straight and that I had a crush on Alice. I wanted to hug her and kiss her… we were so close and did everything together, so much so that all the other girls at camp actually thought we were dating. I’ve been mildly questioning my sexuality for a few months bit I’ve never had actual feelings or desire for another girl before I met Alice. Continue reading

“I love a girl who isn’t interested in me”

I need advice. There’s this girl I like (I’m a girl as well). We have known each other for a long time. Recently, I’ve had a romantic interest in her and I told her so and we continued on as friends.

Last night, she told me she loves me, and she broke up with her girlfriend that night, providing screen shots for proof. But the next morning, she tells me she fixed their relationship and she’s sorry… I told her it was fine, when it obviously wasn’t. I was heartbroken. We haven’t texted all day and I still love her. What should I say?

“I’m a lesbian in love with a girl who hates me”

I’m 16. I’m a lesbian. And I’m in love with one girl from my school. But she’s not in love with me.
We were friends a couple weeks ago. And then I fucked up. I did stupid things and I can’t fix it. I suppose she now hates me. We don’t talk anymore. I miss her so much and I hate myself for losing the girl I love, even as a friend.

Now I see two ways for me. The first one is where I can try to apologize again (I tried but it didn’t work,) or try to do something to get our friendship back. I don’t know if it is possible, but I can try one more time, because I really love her and being only a friend for her killed me, but it was amazing to talk to her every day. And the other way is where I just accept all the pain and give up on her and make myself to forget her. I don’t know what is right. I want her back so much, but maybe it’ll be better for everyone if I give up on her.

I’m tired of wasting my time, my thoughts, my nerves, my tears on her. Maybe I should get over her? It’ll be painful and awful and I’ll probably die, but one day I’ll wake up and not be thinking about her.
So, what should I do?